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Lowest temperatures in Sweden

This hit list shows the coldest weather stations in Sweden of today. As usually the lowest temperature is measured during the night, this hit list is updated every morning. It shows the minimum temperature between 20:00 and 8:00 (summer time) or 19:00 and 7:00 (winter time).

1.Kvikkjokk Arrenjarka A, 320 m8,9 °C
2.Tarfala, 1151 m9,0 °C
3.Mierkenis, 615 m9,2 °C
4.Gielas, 577 m9,9 °C
5.Latnivaara, 453 m9,9 °C
6.Pajala A, 171 m9,9 °C
7.Kalmar, 4 m10,1 °C
8.Åsele, 308 m10,9 °C
9.Tjakaape, 581 m10,9 °C
10.Vastmarkum, 143 m11,1 °C
11.Korsvattnet, 717 m11,5 °C
12.Hemavan A, 458 m11,6 °C
13.Gunnarn A, 251 m11,7 °C
14.Nattavaara, 327 m11,7 °C
15.Gällivare, 360 m11,8 °C
16.Blåhammaren, 1090 m11,9 °C
17.Målilla A, 95 m11,9 °C
18.Ronneby-Kallinge, 55 m12,0 °C
19.Ljungby, 148 m12,1 °C
20.Rensjön, 493 m12,1 °C

26.07.2016, 08:00